How much does a professional video cost?

There are many factors to consider when planning your video project which can make pricing for each project very different. In fact, many production companies will opt to leave out their rates because they know it will scare off clients but at MSS Films we believe in 100% transparency. Below is a breakdown of what goes into any project from start to finish.  

Conceptualisation: This involves meeting with the client and agreeing on the concept we are producing and hearing what their goals are. This is a chance for us to get to know your brand and throw in some ideas to help get your message across. We decide the type of video you are looking for whether its advertisements,  interviews and interviewees etc. and find ways to improve SEO targets and increase traffic. This usually takes about an hour and can be done face-to-face, over the phone or of course on Zoom. 

Pre- Production: This is where we start to prepare for your shoot. This involves preparations such as creating shot lists, interview questions, scripts, storyboards, organising props or extras, gear check to match the shoot etc.

Production: The day for your shoot has arrived and this is the day that plays a big role in production costs. Things to consider would include: How many video shoots will be required to produce the final video? What is the location of your shoot and what transport costs need to be covered? Many of our shoots require one videographer with a full "on the move kit" but sometimes additional resources are required. This can include extra crew members, additional equipment, hair and make up costs etc. All these can increase the production cost.

Post- Production: This is where we get to have fun and watch this idea you had in your mind become a reality. It's where the magic comes together as we find the perfect music, imaging, using the right shots, cutting up interviews, colour grading etc. This time is usually dependent on the amount of raw footage there is to edit and how complicated the story is. 

The Gist: Each of these phases for most projects usually takes about 6-7 days to complete and each stage is given the attention it needs to ensure that the final product is 'copy paste' your vision. We also ensure that we agree on a price with our clients so they know the cost of production before we start. 

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But I have a low budget, can you still help?

We do produce low cost videos for small business owners with smaller marketing budgets and we also cover family events where we know the budget can be a bit tight. 

These will take a shorter time to produce, the shoot is limited and we put everything together in edit. This will mean less creative control for the client as it saves time in post-production but you can rest assured that MSS Films will still execute a video solution that delivers the message for our client. 

We've had clients who much prefer this option and have been satisfied with the end result so we can assure you that this will be the best spend you can make for your business.

Value For Money

At MSS Films we understand that we live in a new world and money is hard to come by which is why we make it our mission to work according to our clients budget and ensure that we deliver the highest quality content that will make their business grow. If the business grows, then we all win. 

We also know that other clients may not feel the pinch quite as much and are ready to splurge on that project. Luckily for both clients your money will not be wasted here. Our quality never drops and our service never stops no matter what your pocket looks like.

A rate card for our services is available upon request so do get in touch and we will figure out what works for you.